• October 2013: Traws Link Cymru formed in Lampeter
  • March 2014: Cross-party support in a Debate in the Senedd (Simon Thomas)
  • June 2014:       Meeting with, and support from, Network Rail, Cardiff
  • October 2014: First Minister, Carwyn Jones, Whitland says:

The First Minister supported the principle of reopening the line, and said that such a project would benefit the economy of Ceredigion and west Wales. He acknowledged that this will not be a short-term project; there are engineering obstacles to be overcome, as well as the need to devolve rail infrastructure fully to Wales. But many communities, such as Llanilar, Tregaron and Lampeter, would gain from the project

  • November 2014: Adopted as official party policy by the Welsh Liberal Democrats
  • November 2014: Motion of Support, Carmarthenshire County Council
  • January 2015:      Motion of Support, Ceredigion County Council
  • January 2015: Meeting with Edwina Hart AM, Minister for  Science, Economy and Transport, Lampeter
  • February 2015: Meeting with Stephen Crabb MP, Secretary of State for Wales, London
  • April 2015: Support in Plaid Cymru General Election Manifesto
  • April 2015: Further statement in the Senedd by the First Minister, Carwyn Jones

The First Minister confirmed that he is prepared to look to fund a full Feasibility Study for the reopening of the rail link between Aberystwyth and Carmarthen – and to do this work before May 2016.

  • May 2015: Meeting with James Price, Director General, Economy, Science and Transport, Welsh Government, Cardiff
  • £30,000 for a ‘Scoping Study’ under the Welsh Government Transport Framework
  • July 2015: First meeting, Welsh Government, TLC and the Consultants (AECOM), Cardiff
  • September 2015:  ‘Carwyn Connect’ Meeting, Aberystwyth

The Minister for the Economy, Science and Transport has funded a scoping study to consider the case for carrying out a full feasibility assessment of the re-opening of the line between Carmarthen and Aberystwyth. Officials will explore with Network Rail what opportunity might exist for placing more emphasis on the Aberystwyth to Carmarthen route now that this initial study work is underway.

  • December 2015: Scoping Study published
  • February 2016: Meeting planned with Welsh Government, Ceredigion County Council, Carmarthenshire County Council, AECOM, Arriva Trains Wales, Network Rail and GWR
  • February 2016. Meeting with Welsh Government etc has now been held. WelTag (Welsh Transport Planning and Appraisal Guidance) Analysis begun.
  • April 2016 Support for a Feasibility Study in Plaid Cymru, Liberal Democrat and Green Party Welsh Assembly Manifestos.
  • April 2016 Meeting in Aberystwyth with Leanne Wood, Leader of Plaid Cymru, and with Elin Jones, prospective Assembly Member for Ceredigion.
  • April 2016 Meeting in Aberystwyth with Tim Farron National Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, and Elizabeth Evans, Prospective Assembly Member for Ceredigion.
  • May 2016 Flying the Line; supported by a grant from Aberystwyth Town Council.
  • June 2016: WelTAG study meeting in Aberystwyth
  • August 2016: Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn announced support for reopening Aber-Carmarthen Line
  • October 2016: Welsh Government announces a full feasibility study worth £300k as part of a budget deal with Plaid Cymru.