The campaign

The Traws Link Cymru campaign is a grass roots campaign calling for the re-instatement of rail links in west Wales. We believe that rail links will provide an environmentally sustainable,  cost-effective and socially inclusive transport system to boost the economy. it will provide opportunities for locals and tourists alike,  and through linking the South Wales Main Line,  Cambrian Lines and North Wales Coast Line will provide Wales with a figure of eight network.

West Wales is in an EU Convergence Region – that means we are one of the poorest areas in the European Union. We believe that this needs to change.

Benefits of the rail link

  • A fast passenger rail service linking mid Wales with the south west and south east of Wales. This will provide opportunities for business to develop in the region and take advantage of links to Cardiff, Ireland, London and Europe.
  • Opportunities for commuting, keeping well qualified and highly paid people in the community
  • Opportunities for tourism to boost the economy
  • Easier access to the university campuses at Aberystwyth, Lampeter and Carmarthen
  • Opportunities for bulk freight movement in and out of the area
  • Diversionary routes for freight and passenger trains


A scoping study commissioned by Welsh Government has suggested a cost of between £505m and £750m to reinstate the line. This may sound like a lot of money, but the Tenby bypass cost has been estimated at £68m for 5 miles, the Port Talbot Harbour Way at £107m for 3 miles and the Newport M4 black route at £1bn+


Can it be done?

Yes! the Scottish Government has rebuilt 35 miles of dismantled railway in the Borders region – where the track was removed, bridges demolished and land sold. When new roads are built new bridges are put up without batting an eyelid. There are obstacles to overcome but nearly all of the original trackbed is clear of development and with modern engineering solutions, developments put up since the railway was closed can be bypassed.